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Enjoy the Jigokumushi Cuisine

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Guests can enjoy Jigokumushi meals, cooked with hot spring steam. For centuries, people have been using the naturally hot steam for cooking food. So called "Hell Steam Cuisine" the cuisine is simple and healthy due to its gentle, additive-free cooking method. You can steam the food by using this method free of charge. 

Please Bring Your Own Food

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There is no kitchen, so the ingredient need to be already cut. 

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At the frontdesk they will give you the wood basket and gloves. Plesase ask at the frontdesk when you need them. 

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This is the example how the color will change depend on how long you steam them. (The egg is good with 8minutes. )

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Set the food into the Jigokumushi cauldron and turn the valve to the left. 

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Never look into the cauldron. You will get burned. 

  • Estimated time: Potatoes 20min, Eggs 8min, Green vegetables 2min, Red Snapper(fish) 15min. 
  • Open time: 09:00-10:00, 15:00-17:00
  • Free to use: Wood basket and Gloves. (30min. to use for per room. Please return them after you used.) 
  • Extra fee: Dishes, Chopsticks and Seasonings. 
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Jigokumushi Dining