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Boasting Natural Hot Spring

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Top class hot spring water to moisturise your skin!

Hozanso provides boasting natural hot spring and stone sauna. Hot spring in Japanese is called "Onsen" and our spring is also call "Tsuru-nuru Spring" which can help moisturise your skin. You can soak your body in the onsen and relax, and also place to cure disease and promote health at the same time. Onsen water is said to be good for the treatment of neuralgia and skin disease.
✳︎Picture: Private open air bath

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✳︎The size of bath-tub in the guest room is about for 2 adults.
✳︎Pictures are guest room bath.

Private Stone Sauna and Hot spring

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You can reserve our private stone sauna/hot spring that you can enjoy both of them at same time with your family and friends. Relax as you doing hot-yoga, stretch your body and enjoy chatting. 

Reservation: TEL 0977-21-8080

Opening Hours for Staying Guest: 10:00~21:00

Staying Guest Fee (2 person price):
60min. / 2,000 JPY
90min. / 3,000 JPY
120min. / 4,000 JPY
Child / Free
Additional 1 person / 1,000 JPY

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How to Enjoy Japanese Hot Spring

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1. Rinse your body with hot water in the bath or tap water before entering the bath.

2. Soak your body in the hot water in the bath and relax! (First bath should be around 3~10minutes.)

3. Exit the bath, wash your body and head with soap and shampoo, and rinse completely.

4. Ease into bath again and warm your body.

5.Exit the bath and go back to the changing room after drying yourself with towel.

✳︎Picture: Public Bath 

Hot Spring